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Gann Academy/New Jewish High School
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A community for New Jew kids. The only people who have any say in this website are the people who post in it, and the maintainers.

The evil kitty loaf shall invade Livejournal!

Submit your will to that of the Loaf!

-Use correct grammar, punctuation, etc.
-Names may be used as long as it is not libel.
(ie you can say x teacher gave an assignment. you cannot say x teacher is a ____________.)
-Don't use this as a medium to fight.

...complaints, ideas, musings, and anything else is welcome. This site is in no way sponsored by Gann Academy/New Jewish High School of Greater Boston, or any of its subsidiaries/groups and nothing said herein is endorsed by said school.

co-maintained by
bellecatene - laura r. '05, student council representative to the junior class, and avid 'blogger'


rapierhawk - rachel h. '05, drama queen, and avid 'rachel'

P.S. -- Read the Memory listed below. It's extremely important once you have a Livejournal and list gann_ja as a Friend.