ingemma (ingemma) wrote in gann_ja,

the theory holds true

Freshman year, girls sicha, September.

Seniors: By junior year, you'll be friends with totally different people.
:shocked looks around the room:
Seniors: Oh, you might still keep the friends now, but you'll definetely make new ones. It all comes together by junior year...
:not sure whether to believe them:

Through these past few years I've always kept that comment in the back of my head, waiting for "it" to happen. Junior year it actually has.

True for anyone else?
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absolutely...I'm just now realizing the utter unprobable depths of Jordan's be honest, my first impression of him was that he was a arrogant and annoying...i completely failed to realize how brilliant and funny he is...I'm also closer with dalia and eitan and just in the last couple of weeks i've been starting to hang out with sam and jake (they realized i was into blues and jazz)...though by the same token, I feel more distant from danny (i really have to rectify this) and I really don't talk to robyn your controversial "shechter clique" very much anymore...but still...I haven't really abandoned any of my better friends from earlier on, I don't think (this doesn't count people i fell in and out of friendship with at ssds)...I mean, I just spent all of today and last night at egerman's and still talk to mattbob often online (and I have faith that we'll get together...much to your chagrin, I know) was more of an entry than a comment, so I may post it on my own lj (or I might not)...but anyway...
improbable, steve, improbable reality it's a function of me having no friends freshman year...and I'm only talking about newjew people...yeah...i have abandoned friends since then, but...i guess i prefer not to think about it...
no, I was saying that the word is "improbable," not "unprobable"
i realized that...after I posted it...
and i laughed. :)
hey wait... my name is mattbob.... and i talk to potter often online.... holy crap you're talking about me!
i haven't even read the other comments yet, but who else would ever be named mattbob? i mean, seriously.
im not tthe only kid in the world whos first name is matt and whos middle name is rob you know... someone else coulda done the saem as me
no no trust me, you are.

i made sure of it.
i say you lie.
no, it's true. i killed my boyfriend so that our mattbob would be the only one.

he didn't mind so much
yeah, i'd say i am pretty much friends with different people now than freshmen... except Matt, but he ditched me and went to AB because he's a stupid bitch :-D well, actually, i didnt really have friends freshmen year, and the group i hung out with last year i dont really hang with anymore, except for J to the ordan. and Emmas gone... and i'd say i'm closer to potter, although he doesnt seem to want to acknowledge it in online journal communities... i also love the entire drama club, also like, people who werent even here freshmen Ariella, i sure do love her...Dalia, Dan and Shelley kinda rock too, although i get the idea that Dan doesnt really want my around, even if he says he does....then again why am i even posting this here...oh well well, already typed...
must you reference my going to a different school everywhere, moocle?
only cuz i luv ya budday :oD

(in other words, suck it)