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don't fret

Ok, everyone. It was just realized that personal entries show up on the friends page of this journal, which might have been a deterrant to joining, but we figured out a way to fix it. Here are the instructions:

1. Go to Manage, on the Livejournal toolbar.
2. Click Friends. After doing that, there will be a few options listed. Go to Edit Custom Friends Groups.
3. Look below the first column, and you will see a button that says New. Click it.
4. In the script prompt, enter something like non-gann_ja.
5. Once that is done, click once on the group name. In the second column, you will see a list of all of your friends, and in the third column, you will see nothing.
6. Start at the top of your Friends list. Click on the first friend, and press Shift-Down Arrow. Select all of the Friends up to gann_ja.
7. There is a button between the second and third column that says '>>'. Click on it.
8. Now, select the first Friend listed below gann_ja, and press Shift-Down Arrow again. Select the rest of the friends, and repeat Step 7.
9. Press the button at the bottom of the page that says Save Changes.

It's almost done.

10. Go to Manage, again, on the Livejournal toolbar, and click entries.
11. Highlight the option that says 20 most recent entries, and click Proceed. The number may be changed, so if you want to view the last 45 entries, just change the number in the box, and then click Proceed.
12. You will see a list of the 20 (or however many) most recent entries. Find the entry you wish to keep off of the gann_ja Friends page.
13. Under the text of the journal entry, there will be a pull-down bar that says Security Level. Your options will be Public, Friends, Private, and Custom. Select Custom.
14. Then click the group named non-gann_ja.
15. Press Save Journal Entry, and you're finished; if you need to fix more entries, follow steps 10 through 14 until contented.

Now, two things:
-If you have questions to ask, feel free to IM me at bellecatene.
-You will still be able to see the entry on the Friends page, but that is only because it is yours. Additionally, anyone you list as a friend will be able to see it, but someone perusing the page will not be able to see it, nor will any user you do not list as a friend on your own personal journal.
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